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The Launch Of New Cellphones With Gps

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Navigation, Personal Tracking...Cellphone GPS is here!

Prompted by the events of 9/11 2001 .....
The Launch of New Cellphones With GPS

Stimulated by the incidents of 9/11 2001 and issues with 911 calls from mobile phones, the FCC needs that by the end of 2005 all cell phone carriers need to be able to trace the exact gps co-ordinates of cell phone calls to within a tolerance of no more than 100 meters.

Mobile Gps Technologies
Mobile GPS Technologies

Moved by the incidents of 9/11 2001 and issues with 911 calls from cell phones, the FCC demands .....
Mobiles are hitherto accessible with GPS technology installed. These systems are not the same as the GPS devices used by sportsmen, mariners and drivers. Cheaper models do not permit the operator to index data such as mapping software. All systems require a wireless network.

Phones with GPS technology apply AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System). Assisted since the process uses the two cell phone towers and satellites as location finders.

Cellphone GPS Enables People And Child Tracking
Although there are various benefits to mobile handsets GPS automatic tracking,
there are moreover confidentiality concerns. As most .....
There are advantages and downsides in the new technology. The charge to carry out the program will be passed on to shoppers mobiles will expenses more. Anonymity is a real anxiety with the general public particularly in this day of identity theft. It is a focus of attention that dark people will have the capability to know your exact position. And also there is a chance that the spam you are flooded with on your home computer will now be sent to your cell phone.

Utilising GPS mobile phones to track people has some outstanding plusses. Localization kids and family can be a blessing. Remember though, if you seek to localize somebody who is out of your calling area, you will be billed additionally.

The obvious blessing for the shopper is the principle of emergency aid and that was the driving force for this whole belief of GPS cell phones. A 911 call that can be hastily tracked, emergency ......

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